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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Megaquake Earthquake and Tsunami Preparedness in British Columbia

English: illustration of the cycle of prepared...
English: illustration of the cycle of preparedness activities for emergency management (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Courses are available from The Justice Institute of British Columbia:

Prerequisite: Introduction to Emergency Management in Canada – EM110 This seven-hour self-paced course is available part-time online or by correspondence, and includes an exam. - $49.88 (February, 2015). Note that additional fees and taxes may apply in addition to listed tuition price. Tuition listed above is for Canadian students and permanent residents. International students should contact the Registration Office to obtain international tuition prices This 7-hour course is available online and includes applied activities, discussions boards and an exam. Total (before taxes): $222.32 (February, 2015). This new asynchronous online format offers you the flexibility of a part-time course, while providing you with the opportunity to interact with and learn from your peers. You will be able to work at your own pace in order to meet the weekly course requirements. Students should be prepared to spend approximately 2.5 hours a week on this course. NOTE: An email address is required for students taking online courses. Students will receive their login instructions by email shortly after completing the registration process. If an email is not received, please contact the registration office at, 604-528-5590 or 1-877-528-5591. Students must complete the course -- including the discussion boards, exercises, and exam -- within the scheduled dates.

Emergency Management Certificate Program. All materials and text books will be provided in class and no special equipment is required. Please note that all Emergency Management Division courses require 100% attendance. The costs for the 15-credit Emergency Management Certificate are on a course-by-course basis and will vary based on the electives chosen by each student. For individual course prices, please follow the links under “Courses” below and costs will be available for specific offerings in your area. All course materials, including manuals, are included in the course prices.

Please note that international course prices are double those listed on The Justice Institutes of British Columbia's website.

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